How do I prepare to list my home?
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This is a tough question and one that cannot be easily answered without gathering more information about your home. Although some websites offer a general value for a home based on its neighborhood, those are often unreliable numbers. Please contact a Realtor® that specializes in your area to get an accurate price range as to what your home could sell for on the open market.

Typically, once you contact an agent, they will talk with you to gather basic facts about your home and its features and ask if you’ve completed any updates to the home since you purchased it. After that, they will setup a meeting with you to see the home in person. Before that meeting, the agent will begin to do research on your home and similar homes in your neighborhood to come up with some initial numbers to discuss at the meeting. After the in-home consultation, the agent may need to adjust the comparables initially researched to come up with a more accurate range of listing prices that she feels you could get for your home.

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Common things to take care of prior to listing your home are:

  • Repair any major defects or unfinished projects around the home
  • A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color will help the home feel newer and appeal to a wider number of buyers
  • Decide which fixtures (items permanently attached to the home) you’d like to exclude from the sale and give a list to your Realtor® prior to listing
  • A deep cleaning is a nice touch for most homes
  • De-personalize as much as possible.
  • De-clutter. This may mean that you will pack a lot of your belongings and stack the boxes in your garage or attic during the listing period. This is a key step to make your home look bigger

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Amy Thomas, Realtor®